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Just like clockwork, the man subject will proceed with no-holds-bars “chamuyo.” Pronounced, “cha-moo-show,” this Buenos Aires hallmark is a combination of sweet-talking, bragging, flirting and a touch of mystery. A speech on how Argentines invented the pen and Disney Land. Creative compliments paired with a sincere smile 4. Her origins: If she says USA he’s going to say he has an aunt in Houston or ask if people there really are that fat b.

This interaction will probably include some of all of the following: 1. Her plans in the city: He wants to judge your age, competence level and see if he can give suggestions c.

The Porteño catcall is an art and to play the game here, a female traveler must know the rules. To not look like a foreigner just ignore the call as if you didn’t even hear it. Rule 4: Catcalls can be yelled across the street or more likely will be whispered to the targets as they pass by. True Porteño gentlemen probably won’t use this tactic. If you do happen to find a true gentleman using this tactic alert the press.

Only in the third case should you return the conversation. If anyone even talks you in this state they’re either visually impaired or a sex manic. Because that’s when the psychopathic killers come out.

Last night’s dress, banshee hair, panda make up and carrying stilettos. Nothing will kill any potential romance there could be faster.

Your relationship status: Wants to know if you have a boyfriend, is he in Buenos Aires? On Rejecting “El Chamuyo” Finding him undesirable, phony, imposing or annoying, one can send this message by a) Turning away and leaving the communal space Or b) “Pants” him, figuratively speaking, with one simple phrase that will leave him confused and informed: “Que chamuyero que sos vos!

” (Kay cha-moo-sher-oh kay sos vos) This is a snarky way of saying, “I see what you’re doing and I’m not fooled by it.” Practice this phrase with locals to get the right accent and perfect it by using this universal “whats-a-matta-you” gesture: Thumb meets tips of other fingers, turn wrist so thumb is on top and wag it directly up and down.

Step away from me now or I will attack you with bog roll.

There’s only three reasons any straight lad should be in a lingerie section.There are certain places however where being chatted up can only end in disaster.You’re nervously waiting for your chlamydia results following a drunken on night stand, when your eyes meet across the sterilized hallway.While baroque buildings and marble statues may never achieve the splendor of London or Madrid, in terms of passion and love, Buenos Aires wins by far.Passionate public kisses, risqué advertising, seductive tango dances and innocent street flirting have declared this city unabashedly sexy.Let’s face it, everyone loves a bit of random flirting, be they male or female.

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