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The Mission Bell to me stands for something that survives a great change or a relic that kind of casts beauty upon a hardened land.

And, that's what I felt about this record when I made it. There's a lot of soul searching that was involved in the songwriting for this record.

Amos Lee is straight and is one of the manliest men in the world. Scroll down and check out his short and medium hairstyles.

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The biggest risk (other than producing) Lee and company took for this album was in the writing.

It is his most sensual and soulful record, an album that in live performance is downright funky.

To Amos "the day of the Lord" will be a day of doom.

Other major ideas in the book of Amos include: social justice and concern for the disadvantaged; the idea that Israel's covenant with God did not exempt them from accountability for sin; God is God of all nations; God is judge of all nations; God is God of moral righteousness; God made all people; God elected Israel and then liberated Israel so that He would be known throughout the world; election by God means that those elected are responsible to live according to the purposes clearly outlined to them in the covenant; if God destroys the unjust, a remnant will remain; and God is free to judge whether to redeem Israel.

"It was a gradual transition, but a realization that we had to make; it's the way it is," Berman says. " The thing Lee says he loves most about Berman, then and now, is that the drummer is down for an adventure, "an exquisite quality in a collaborator and a friend." Spirit is Lee's first album for Republic Records after being with Blue Note for more than a decade.

"We have two distinct relationships that we succeed doing." "Freddie and I were both born at Einstein Hospital and were both delivered by Dr. He lost a guiding light when Blue Note president and CEO Bruce Lundvall died in 2015.

"A soul song is a country song to me, and that's where I have grown the most, how you can build a record dynamically," Lee says.

"This, too, is something I've gleaned from working with Freddie and the rest of the band." Lee says his earlier albums were probably gentler and acoustic because, once signed, he toured with Norah Jones as her opener, doing cafe folk stuff.

"It was me, Devin Greenwood, Birdie Busch, Cowmuddy, Freddie playing every night, wherever they would let us," Lee says before a rehearsal.

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