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His average approval rating for the first year in office, 38.4 percent, is the lowest in American history.

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Some have lost much more: Frustrated with the corrupt administration of Ulysses S.

Grant, voters in 1874 handed 96 House seats to Democrats.

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“This is a democracy and it is to have a strong opposition,” a small-town minister from Indiana lectured the president in a letter. You need criticism for your own good.” Democrats lost 72 seats in the House of Representatives and seven in the Senate, and though they kept control of both chambers, anti–New Deal legislators were ascendant, their conservative factions invigorated by victory.

Roosevelt would remain president for seven more years, but most of that period would be occupied by World War II.

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Some people are thrilled, convinced that only a singular figure like Trump could rescue the moribund institutions of the federal government, in large part by breaking them.

But judging by his popularity, or lack thereof, many more are mortified.

His message to voters: Obstructionists and “outspoken reactionaries” in Congress—in particular those from his own party—had to be expunged for the good of the Republic.

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