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In the early '80s in Los Angeles, one of Prince's bodyguards was accused of assault when he allegedly tried to stop a photographer from getting into Prince's car. That incident happened on the night of the "We Are the World" recording. Prince would stay awake for days on end when he was in the studio.33.Prince said Morris Day criticized him a lot early on.Prince's dad, John Nelson, led the "Prince Rogers" jazz trio, which eventually became John's nickname, and then Prince's official name.3.

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Prince is the official pioneer of "the Minneapolis sound" heralded by music mags throughout the '80s. Prince wrote "Nothing Compares 2 U" about bandmate Wendy Melvoin's sister Susannah Melvoin, a song that became famous when Sinead O'Connor covered it. Prince was called "Skipper" when he was a little boy.7.

In a 1985 article in Rolling Stone, Prince says Bobby Z is his best friend, though he's "not a spectacular drummer." He says he keeps him on because Bobby's drumming is a reaction to what Prince does on stage.8.

Many of Prince's early chart-toppers were recorded in a warehouse in Eden Prairie.

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Prince named his Graffiti Bridge film after a decrepit bridge in a Twin Cities suburb. Prince used to hang out at a Mc Donald's on Plymouth Avenue on the North Side, where he'd stand outside and smell the food when he didn't have money. Prince's father was not a gun-toting maniac as portrayed in the film Purple Rain.

Prince said his father never swore, never drank, and that he always thought his dad was cool.53.

Prince's 1990 feature film, Graffiti Bridge, was a box-office and critical flop.36.

To prepare the cast for Purple Rain, Prince enrolled them in classes at Minnesota Dance Theatre. Prince's second-ever television appearance was on American Bandstand in 1980 at the age of 19.

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When Apollonia had to kiss Prince in , she was dating David Lee Roth. Prince removed the bassline from "When Doves Cry" to make it darker and more syncopated. Prince was just blocks away from the site of John Lennon's murder when it happened.49.

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