Who is bob whitfield dating

She married Bob Whitfield but the love between them never grew, instead they ended up in partying.

For now, she is divorcee and fans are speculating her to be hooking up with someone.

In her confessional interview, Sheree reminds viewers that Ne Ne has a mugshot of her own so she shouldn’t be judging Tyrone.

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She demanded for seven figure settlement, but real amount was not disclosed.

According to Kenya Moore, Daily Mail, she was in abusive relationship in her past life.

But, her children counts three, as she also has daughter from different father named Tierra.

There is no real news of her children except of her son Kairo being arrested with the reason of expired tag. She might have got hurt, so she is too cautious before being in relation.

, Sheree Whitfield revealed a lot more detail about her relationship with Tyrone Gilliams, including when their relationship began, her reaction to him going to prison and how long he has been in prison for.

Viewers even got to hear Tyrone’s voice via a phone call that he made her.

Recently, Bob posted a tweet that gave his thoughts on Sheree dating an inmate.

In response to a viewer who asked Bob if he’s single now that Sheree’s dating inmates, Bob seemingly likened being with Sheree to being in prison.

In this column, we will be discussing about Sheree Whitfield dating, love life, and also the real reason of their divorce. Bob, who is retired NFL player felt uneasy when Sheree was chosen as cast for ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ show.

After enjoying and enhancing seven years of married life, the pair parted their ways in the year 2007.

Sheree admitted that initially, they were just talking as friends because she was still trying to figure things out with Bob.

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