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Transformed wood frame shingles to stone and brick. I have a ,000 mural of the birth of Venus painted in my bathroom. Take the plea and we’ll sentence you to time served.” They raided my home when I was in Japan — took my wife and daughter out of bed with shotguns. Proof that they didn’t really think I was a flight risk. I got out in 1990, and Sean Penn gave me a job the next day. The next day I went to read, and two weeks later I got the part. They said Jean-Claude had been the biggest thing in Moscow. Chuck wants people to know readers to know that he doesn’t own a computer but still has a great Web site:

That’s how I first met the Hell’s Angels, at the gym on Gramercy Street. I said, “I don’t smoke, drink, I never did a drug in my life. It’s not my business where they get stuff.” They offered me new identities, cars, money. They said, “You’re not going to go to trial for two years. It’s because every time you go to a new prison you’re the new kid on the block, and you have to fight.

They’re having meetings with people now, and people are so interested they might make it directly without even a pilot. In July, I’m coming out with my own exercise video. One for housewives, ‘you don’t need all this expensive equipment.

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Is it possible to just sort of keep to oneself and quietly read in a corner somewhere without being bothered? If you don’t stand up for yourself, you get abused. They denied me bail three times, calling me a risk of flight.

I was in Japan working for Jon Bon Jovi, doing bodyguard. Chuck, I’m kind of a wimpy, cowardly guy, and I’ve always wondered what would happen to me if I went to prison. I had never made a phone call, they never had me on tape.

There is no dispute about who threw the punches and who hit the floor like a sack of potatoes.

Muscles from Brussels couldn’t match Muscles from New Rochelle, just outside the Bronx.

These days, if you go to the Chelsea Market on 9th Avenue, you might be startled to discover an entire prison within — the soundstage to (1991) with 18 other motorcycle guys. We all wore tuxedos with “Meat Loaf” patches on the back.

For the last three years, it’s been in Brewster, N.

On Friday night, Anderson had dinner with Chuck Zito, whom she reportedly dated in 2007, and the two were later seen embracing.

After leaving the Rainbow Room, the 47-year-old star seemed to be getting lots of love from her former beau!

How’d you get to be president of the New York Nomads charter? Some guys are mechanics, some guys are painters, I happen to be an actor. But the second anyone messes with you, you have to go crazy and show them you’ll fight if you have to. Different cliques run the whole place — the phone, the TVs. ” And I’d already spent four months in a Japanese prison, under lockdown 23 hours a day, not knowing the language, waiting to be extradited. They said, “Where are all the celebrities getting drugs?

You don’t make money for the club, and they don’t make money for you. If you keep to yourself and mind your business, you can be by yourself. I said, “How can I be a flight risk when I surrendered 10,000 miles away? and after I surrendered, three different judges denied me bail.

Two of ’em are mine, two are Mickey Rourke’s, including the original bike from .

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