Who is dana owens dating

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announcing the news, saying that she is “heartbroken.” “It is with a heavy heart that I share the news my mother, Rita Owens passed away today,” Queen Latifah shares.

It is my understanding that one of Patsy Cline's personal assistants was a lesbain. I came here to post that one, but never hear any actual details. Trisha Yearwood, Mary Chapin Carpenter, and actually Carrie Underwood all "ping" to me but are not gay. I came here to post that one, but never hear any actual details."I personally don't know anything about her, but awhile ago there was some dish on gossiplist about gay country stars.

I havie only heard about the assistant in question as referred to as "Gearldine". Though I suspect them all to be gay friendly."Kenny Chesney is straight. Someone claimed that Chely was gay and lived with a gf Allow me to rewrite the second paragraph of my post at r52.

I'm waiting for him to announce he has joined Scienology and they are "curing" hime of his homosexual tendancies.

If you are Gay, Non-White or even Non-American, Country Music does not want you and the Country Music Hausfraus will not buy your music. This guy is sooooooooooo gay and yet he likes to push that "straight" image by singing songs with titles like "BIG GIRLS". He's very lucky to have a rich boyfriend who works in the entertainment field and books him into country fairs.

I have a friend who swears Ewing cruised him in a bar one night after a concert in the late 80's."I think Brad pings as well. More than likely a homophobe"I doubt he is gay, but it IS possible to be both gay and a homophobe (just ask Larry Craig)"Yeah, Ty Herndon the pussy is a breeder now."He was "married" when he got busted by the cops, but I'm pretty sure he is divorced now Country Music radio refused to play the Dixie Chicks because they dare not support Republican GW Bush, my God what would they do to a Gay singer????

Burn him in the parking lot outside of the Radio station - live for listeners? Good God Almighty, how could I have let all those juicy rumors about John Schneider from the late 1980s slip my mind?!

Well it depends handouts and begging and moving town to town.

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