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She opened the door to find an utterly handsome and flawless man in a casual leather jacket and black jeans with black faux-leather pointed loafer-like shoes (fancier than loafers but idk what they're called) and a genuine smile on his face, his many lined dimples making him irresistible to fall in love with, over and over again...

And his intoxicating green eyes that are so filled with passion and romance that you could fall in a death trap of love with just one glance. On the last tour I was on, I saw your search history and found that album in a nearby music store in Glasgow, Scotland... Ville seemed shocked at her sudden jolt to speak, but he laughed it off and said, "Okay love, and it's fine that you didn't have it with you...

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He deepened the kiss, asking for entrance with his tongue.

She didn't let him, but he found his way in...

They matched good with her plain black knee-cut dress with little ruffles on the sides that also popped out a little, almost making her hips look wider and torso skinner than it already is.

As she slipped on her last earring, she heard the door bell ring. She grabbed her small coffin wallet-sized bag and approached the front door, slipping on her black stilettos that had spikes in the back.

Ville won because Y/N still wasn't used to doing too much stuff like that.

They pulled back for air after a while, and Ville seemed like he wanted more but decided not to...Learn more, including about available controls: Cookies Policy.Crystel was at the Tate gallery sunday with Ville, the fan who got a picture with Ville said he was with a woman.He had something behind his back, but she waited for him to give it to her. You're dating me so why are you saying anything? She was tearing up at the thought of him going out of his way for her to have something she could easily live without. She pecked at his cheek gently before walking to her closet and grabbing his present. He started to take off the top of the box and grinned widely at what it was..."My love, you look so heavenly tonight and perfect as ever... So much.", Ville complimented with kind, passionate words. You're not too bad you're self you gothic lover boy." She giggled, and said as a joke. ." She made a pouty face and got on the tip of her heels and kissed him on the lips, softly then whispered into his ear, "Jk." She giggled as she put her heels down. Two different Led Zeppelin shirts, one Alice Cooper shirt, and some classic horror movies...Also that girl Sara who got a picture with him on Monday said he was with a girl and her name was Crystel.

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