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Ten years have passed since an assassin’s bullet ended the extraordinary career of her husband, Dr. She is dedicated not just to preserving the dreams of the slain civil rights champion, but to making them reality with the force of her own powerful personality. She lends her name to causes ranging from women’s rights to full employment.

Her pleas for economic sanctions against South Africa or for passage of the Humphrey-Hawkins bill are eagerly quoted in the press.

Before long he attracted national attention as leader of a successful—and nonviolent—bus boycott by Montgomery’s blacks.

A new era in the Southern civil rights struggle began. Martin always knew he was going to jail, and it was part of his preparation in each campaign.” Except for his arrest in De Kalb County, Georgia, where he was sentenced to six months in the state penitentiary and she wept in the courtroom, Coretta King bore it all with outward stoicism.

But after the senior King could not interest his son in the hometown candidate, he visited Boston and resignedly told Coretta and Martin: “Y’all are courtin’ too hard.

I’m afraid you’re going to mess up, so I think you better decide when you’re going to get married.” She was a Methodist, he a Baptist, and they solved the which-church question by holding their wedding ceremony on the lawn of the Scott family home. King accepted the pastorship of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Ala.

But her public image of unfailing composure and somber dignity shrouds a lively woman of 50.

In private, she laughs heartily at the least pretext and frets that her hectic schedule leaves her too little time with her four children.

Somewhat to her surprise, Coretta King finds herself a controversial figure—and more.

“I’ve become almost like an institution,” she admits.

I just don’t get tired.” There were trips abroad—to Africa, to Geneva, to Oslo in 1964 to stand proudly with Dr. “Martin said he had never experienced as much hatred as in Cicero and Chicago,” Mrs. Worse yet in her view was the vendetta of the late J. “The FBI tried everything, and Martin and I talked about it.

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