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Walt also viewed the new character as a way to keep animators around the studio busy with new content; he called upon seven of the legendary Nine Old Men to handle the animation for Ludwig's debut episode.

He was originally designed and animated by legendary animators Milt Kahl and Ward Kimball.

Slender duck, elderly, half bald, gray hair, thick gray eyebrows, both orange bill and feet, white feathers, a couple of thin hairs on his head, overcoat, vest, black necktie, both white dress shirt and cuffs, spectacles with a string attached to his overcoat Walt Disney, Herman the Bootle Beetle, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Pluto, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Scrooge Mc Duck, Gus Goose, Gyro Gearloose, Launchpad Mc Quack, Bonkers D.

Bobcat, Miranda Wright, Clarabelle Cow, José Carioca, he is portrayed as a brilliant, yet eccentric lecturer, scientist, and psychiatrist, who frequenty displays his vast array of "expert" knowledge on a variety of subjects.

During many of his classic lectures, Ludwig would often get sidetracked rather quickly, with the end results being comical shenanigans.

Regardless, he is normally portrayed as extremely intelligent and more than likely to know nearly everything about a certain topic—ranging from science to music.

Around this time, Von Drake made a comeback with the premiere of the Disney Afternoon television block, making appearances in several of its programs (now voiced by Corey Burton), the first being the acclaimed series Duck Tales, where he made a guest appearance.

In 1999, Mickey Mouse Works premiered on ABC, and featured Von Drake as the star of his own animated shorts, including the gag segments "Von Drake's House of Genius".

In the years that followed, Von Drake regularly appeared in television shows, comics, video games, and other media centering Mickey Mouse and his friends, typically serving as the absent-minded scientist and self-proclaimed genius whose inventions and experiments comically cause mayhem.

Von Drake became a very popular recurring character and appeared many times hosting the weekly show, following his debut.

More often than not, however, does one of the professor's creations go off the deep end.

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