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The Coen Brothers film «The Man Who Wasn't There» provoked a strong outcry from critics.They have accepted questionably the storyline between the hero of Billy Bob Thornton and young Birdy, which was played by Scarlett.

We talk about the anti-fantastic action of Michael Bay «The Island», where the girl played in duet with Ewan Mc Gregor for the first time. The film producers put the blame on Scarlett for this failure.

They stated that she «could play in more sexual manner».

However, Thornton was impressed by their collaboration.

Rather strange episodes filled Johansson Filmography. For example, the horror picture «Eight Legged Freaks», where the girl’s heroine had to run away from the attack of giant radioactive insects with Kari Wuhrer and David Arquette. 29 August, the picture «Lost in Translation» by Sofia Coppola was released on big screen.

Thanks to the «Girl with a Pearl Earring» the actress won the Golden Globe Award in 2004.

A year after Woody Allen presented to the society a new picture – a drama «Match Point», narrating about the personal tragedy of the former tennis legend Chris Wilton.Scarlett’s parents took an attempt to bring children into the world of art when they barely started talking.The family had led the twins to an audition for commercial.Scarlett Johansson is a Hollywood actress, who starred dozens of outstanding pictures.The prestigious cinema awards marked her roles in the films «Lost in Translation», «Girl with a Pearl Earring», and «Match Point».19-year-old Scarlett played a young Charlotte, the girl-friend of Bill Murray in his random trip to Tokio.

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