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We're thrilled she's part of And with ratings for Clarkson's debut episode up compared to season 13's premiere last fall, it's clear that fans are thrilled she's a part of the show, too. That for Clarkson, the feeling is more than mutual. She fits in with Shelton, Adam Levine and Alicia Keys rather seamlessly and could very well give them all a run for their money and win the whole thing.

Not only does align with her hopes for the music industry—"It literally does come back to those blinds that really separates everything. After all, she does have some experience at winning a show like this. We love her."Thankfully, the timing was finally right because we do, too.

The pairing made a bit of sense, as she'd just begun dating the country star's manager, Brandon Blackstock. It's all very close-knit, so she certainly has been family for a long time," executive producer Audrey Morrissey told reporters at a recent press screening. We had been in talks for her for a while, on and off, and just—it's all about timing."As Clarkson told reporters during the 2018 Winter TCA Press Tour, she'd wanted to join the show for quite some time, but life got in the way.

She married Blackstock a year later, making her forever connected to through her husband. "Imma be real with you, a lot of people reach out to me to be a part of singing things," she said.

"She is a strong personality and she is so much fun," Morrissey said.

"I really love when she sits back in her chair and she's listening or something will cause her to stand up and do her Kelly dance.

I just felt something.” RELATED: 14 Times Kelly Clarkson Made More Sense Than Everyone Else Nothing happened then, of course.

He was married at the time to Melissa Ashworth, and as Clarkson was quick to point out to the crowd, she “ain’t girl.” “Honestly, I didn’t even talk to him,” she said, explaining that it wasn’t until 2012, when Blackstock and Ashworth divorced, that Clarkson even saw him again — well after learning about his split from Blackstock’s father, Narvel (who was managing her), and Narvel’s now ex-wife Reba Mc Entire.

“My guitar player’s wife Ashley was my date for that night and we had just both been in crap relationships,” Clarkson explained.

“Sometimes it sucks dating because it’s so many wrong ones until you get the right one.

And while it took six years for her to finally join the show in an official capacity, it turns out she'd been circling the gig for quite some time. "I love this show, and I've been trying to be a part of it.

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