Who is keyshia cole dating in 2016

', 'pinterest Share', 'width=750,height=350'); return false;" title="Pin This Post" Bow Wow may have had a lot of his mind when he botched hosting duties during this month’s CBS pre-Grammy broadcast.

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Fans of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" know that Keyshia Cole's marriage to Daniel "Booby" Gibson is completely over.

Is the singer hooking up with boxing champ Floyd Mayweather?

After all, she’s still married to Boobie Gibson, who she’s been estranged from for about 2 years.

So this definitely wouldn’t come at the right time for her.

Bow Wow got the worst birthday present ever -- an egging, which his crew thinks came at the hands of his ex-girlfriend Keyshia Cole ... Bow Wow tweeted early Wednesday that "one of his exes" egged two luxury cars parked outside his home -- fortunately for him, the culprit messed up and yolked his friend's rides.

That friend posted pics of the damage and pointed the finger at Keyshia.

BY: NATURALLY TRIECERapper Bow Wow seems to have had a lot on his mind when he screwed up his hosting gig for the CBS pre-Grammy broadcast, and now according to one of the most recent reports, Keyshia Cole is allegedly pregnant with the star’s baby.

This could prove to be extremely stressful for the television star, being that he just got out of another relationship.

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