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He was murdered in 1993 and it drove Michael into a tailspin.

To this day the baller sits in his office and talks to his father: 'What do you think of me now Pops?

So they prayed together daily, he prayed alone at the end of each day, in the morning and all during the day. I may be a wino first, but I will not have a nine-to-five job’.

Michael's success on the varsity basketball team attracted coaches from the University of North Carolina who were eager to sign the star shooter when he graduated. Nike had been approached by a man named Sonny Vaccaro about making shoes for basketball teams and paying coaches to have their players wear Nikes.

The mean words were a challenge to his adolescent masculinity.

The backyard battles between him and his older brother, Larry, the favored son, set the pattern for his relentless drive and how he related to teammates throughout his whole career. The large baby she was carrying came suddenly and was delivered on a hospital gurney, struggling to breathe with his lungs filled with mucous.

He publicly snubbed Magic and never forgave him ‘I almost had to break his hand. Vaccaro said they’d throw a car into the deal and pay him $2.5 million over five years with a 25 percent royalty on each shoe sold.

It was unprecedented, given Jordan was headed for the Bulls, a team poorly managed and under the shadow of its hard partying culture of the ‘70s. Jordan’s play, the ban and marketing sent sales through the roof earning Nike 0 million in Air Jordan sales over the first three years.' In the fall of '78, at age 15, Michael went out for the varsity football team at Laney High School.He was still too skinny, too short at 5'10", and had to settle for playing Junior Varsity.Later that same year, when a girl at school called Michael a 'n****r,' 'I threw a soda at her', he states. I considered myself a racist at the time’, said Jordan. She made him sit in her car while she worked in the bank so she could watch him.She lectured to him over and over that ‘it would be easy to hate people for the rest of your life…This setback was deeply disappointing and ignited an obsession to grow taller.

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