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She was mesmerized by the sample interview of Howard Stern with a prostitute sent by the program director to her and stated that she could do anything in order to meet the person.

Quivers is well known for being the anchor and co-host for the show The Howard Stern Show.

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"Stop crying and do something about it" might be Quivers' motto.

Although she is impetuous and easily provoked (as mentioned above), Robin Quivers also has a good-natured, live-and-let-live attitude and a sense of humor, which balances it all out.

Entertaining, partying, social activities, and fellowship are essential ingredients for her emotional well-being.

Although Robin Quivers was portrayed above as being assertive and combative, she also has a diametrically opposed tendency - namely the urge to escape all contention and ugliness.

She worked with Johnny Walker as a consumer reporter at WFBR.

IN 1981, Quivers was approached for being the newscaster with Howard Stern for a current affair and news show on WWDC.Within a matter of two years she acquired the Captain rank.After completing her studies at the Broadcasting Institute of Maryland in Baltimore while working as a nurse, Quivers bagged her job in WIOO, Pennsylvania as a newscaster.She continues to carry on with her outstanding work.Tenderhearted and sympathetic to an unusual degree, Robin Quivers has an understanding of other people's feelings and needs which borders on telepathy.Robin likes and needs people, and others genuinely like her too.

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