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And as much as I would love to chitchat with Angie that is not what I want to be talking about,” Tiffany wrote.

So funny to me, it was a Joke but I Love how serious you all are. he has a lot of kids that would make me what number 8 or at best baby Mama 2.

Now, here's the interview our very own Reagan, had with the chilled out member of TLC. For starters, I would like to congratulate you on Crazy Sexy Cool, the album is very amazing. It's actually my favorite album so far, you know? Two, what she did was accidental, had you probably been in her shoes you would've done the same thing.

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They are probably the most adventurous couple [grinning] but, I realized that Brandon is that puzzle piece Left Eye was always talking about. T-Boz : [nodding] She would always say "Each part of my dream life needs a puzzle piece.

T-Boz : Well their relationship is like Martin and Gina.

But she's constantly coming up with new dreams, so instead of a four piece puzzle, she might end up with a 100 piece. [taps pen against leg] now, as I'm sure you've heard, people have said your group member was crazy because of the fire incident. T-Boz : [thinks] Well dag, yeah they have actually.

I know one of her little puzzle pieces was to have children, so we have to wait and see for that.

She can win a heart [snaps fingers] just like that. [laughs] it was never something I could relate to, all that liberace and Beethoven, but she's super duper talented in the music department.

- On sickle cell anemia- T-Boz : Back in 1992, everyone found out I suffer from sickle cell anemia.

, Tiffany Haddish told a story about running into Brad Pitt in an elevator.

Tiffany relayed that Brad told her to contact him in a year for a date if they’re both still single.

T-Boz : [nods and stands up] Oh yeah, you can learn how we dance if you want.

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