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Big Data, Data Analytics, Open Data, Data Breaches, etc.

were topics of discussion everywhere, even outside the IT world.

Many of the real data modeling tools have features geared toward collaborating with other team members.

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Most good data architects actually aren’t good part time DBAs, either.

You may be better off trying to find a combination BA/DA.

The less expensive ones either don’t’ do any of that, or they don’t easily support the iterative process of real life modeling and design.

I also need to be able to produce reports, images and interactive versions of the data models.

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My SQL's ENUM data-type is a hot spot that sometimes generates strong opinions among developers.I typically have to review 50 resumes to find a candidate that has real enterprise level experience.If you are going to have only one person filling the data architect role, they can’t be working at the apprentice level unless they have a mentor.I also need to be able to share the models in formats that can be easily consumed by dozens of other modeling and development tools.Most of the lesser tools don’t have these shiny features.At first glance it seems like an efficient solution for declaring a set of permitted values from which only one can be chosen for each record.

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