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any way we can decide tobe just exchange wife when we go out togather just chit chat a little touch they are agreed. hi, my gf wants a 3som with some one she new befor me, i dont want to do it, as far as im concernd shes mine and not for shering, butshe has don things like this befor and is realy up for it, and if i dont do the 3som she wants me to let her stay with him for a week end so she can ! than some other time we tried something else and was perfect but we didnt rush so i think if you do the rite things and no rush it will be nice.You should check really your feeling for your wife and you love for her and your family if you have children. Though I'm not a threesome type of guy (the person I"m with is more than good enough for me) I say whatever floats your boat.I could not liked my wife should be used by my friend, i like just waling with them my wife with friend and his with mw.

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once in a hot sex situation my wife got ready to visit there house. friends wife was so happy for a new experiment in her life.

any way we came back such we had a little un harmful touches.

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I hope you and your wife can make the best of it the coming months.

I wish you both the best and hope to hear from you when you need someone to listen.

Swinger is alway a very dirty business if you ask me. They are committed couples who do it to strengthen their sexual relationship. Just make sure it's something that you both really really want.

I only met one couple doing this and she was fired several times from different jobs, and he end up with a deep depression, I agreed you may open primitive doors in the human being sexuallity and we are not going to talk about the religious, physical and health concequenses this may create. I can't believe any guy would willingly share their spouse, or even gf with another man....

My husband was diagnosed with cancer, lung, bone and liver in july and we were told it is terminal but not how long.

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