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A woman in love will move aside a mountain just to spend time with her man.But if she is constantly making excuses why she can’t see you or dine with you, then she is dining someone else. She will start having secret schedules The moment your spouse becomes secretive in her schedules, it clearly shows that there is something she is hiding.She may be out to impress and catch the attentions of another man. Sexier Underwear When a woman is involved with someone new, she often will go out and purchase sexier bras and panties – because she feels sexier.

So when your lady stops caring that you didn’t call and when she doesn’t throw a fit that you forgot all your special dates, then you have cause to worry. Change In Appearance When you were dating, your woman went to great lengths to look amazing for you and consistently made your heart stop.

But after dating for a while or after marriage it seems that she doesn’t care so much like before, which is normal.

maybe she’s leaving an extra button undone on her blouse or wearing her hair down instead of neatly tied up.

Maybe she has changed her perfume (and that could go either way, stronger to cover the scent of his aftershave or lighter because he’s not fond of heavy fragrances). Most women want a man who is willing to commit to them for life.

Perhaps, she is using the vibrate instead of the ring and even pressing the ignore option far more than she used to.

Is she giggling about messages that she doesn’t share with you? Is there an element of privacy she displays over her phone?

There could even be a second phone if the other relationship is that significant.

You can tell your woman is cheating on you if she insists on keeping her things private and doesn’t share as openly as she used to. Avoiding the questions If your wife or girlfriend starts avoiding simple questions that you ask her, there are high chances that she is hiding some truth.

Is she open and welcoming to such a pleasant surprise from her man?

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