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Gorgeous fragrance that should cost much more than it does.Had a bottle of this but gave me a strange evil vibe, so ended up selling it.

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I see below another user had a similar comment, which might be a result of a bad batch (from notino) or a specific anosmia.

Well, Encre Noire was initially intended for men - but I loved to share this fragrance with my boyfriend when I was about seventeen.

because that is all Molecule 01 is -- Iso E Super diluted with perfumers alcohol. Some say it smells like vetiver and/or cedar and/or other "woody notes". I finally was able to put in layman's terms what it smells like to me.

I recently got a used copy of Steinbeck's "East of Eden", a printing from 1976.

The wood is more reminiscent of something like wet log in a forest, rather than woodchips. These are the things this fragrance makes me think of.

This fragrance honestly reminds me of a lot of things, but everything I think of it is kind of "dimly lit" if that makes any sense, but not in a sad way. As for the people saying this fragrance is "sad", I really can't help but feel that you WILL find that in this fragrance if that's what you're looking for.It really smells so natural and beautiful, like a place untouched by humanity where only mother nature has done a thing, and you're here to see it.The few notes in this fragrance combine to form something more complex than most bottles I've ever smelled.However not everybody around you is expecting and looking for a sad fragrance. It's honestly more interesting and intriguing to me than most niche fragrances too.People I've shown this fragrance to have rather said it just smells peaceful, among other similar things. If you're testing this fragrance, give it a couple minutes, and don't press your nose to your skin. @neil - I appreciate your well-thought out review, and your insight, but you are misleading people with it.Encre Noire by Lalique is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. This fragrance, along with many others (including, but not limited to, Encre Noire, Terre d'Hermes, Aventus, Fahrenheit, etc) would do well to list Iso E Super as one of the main notes, because it is prevalent in these perfumes to say the least.

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