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In the bill's first reading on 28 November 2014, the full session of Parliament, by a vote of 92–105, did not accept that recommendation, thereby approving the amendments to the Marriage Act, removing references to the spouses as "men" and "women".

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The legislation also granted immigration rights to a foreign partner.

On 1 March 2017, the law was repealed for the parts that dealt with entering into partnerships, therefore leaving the existing partnerships intact and leaving it up to the registered couples to convert their unions into marriages.

However, according to the Left Alliance, it was agreed upon during the talks on government formation that, if proposed as a members' initiative by individual MPs, such a bill could be endorsed by the remaining five parties in the Government: the National Coalition, the Social Democrats, the Left Alliance, the Green League and the Swedish People's Party.

On 21 March 2012, after five months of signature gathering among MPs, a bill to legalize same-sex marriage was submitted to Parliament.

A poll conducted by Christian newspaper Kotimaa reported in March 2010 that a narrow majority of Finnish MPs opposed same-sex marriage.

Of the 126 MPs who were asked if they would support a gender-neutral marriage law, 46% were in favour and 54% were opposed.The opposition parties, with the exception of the Christian Democrats, were almost completely in favour of amending the other acts in order to harmonise them with the Marriage Act.On 22 October 2015, the Parliament started to debate legislation to amend other acts that still had specific references to opposite-sex couples.All initiatives shall be sent to a committee chosen by the plenary session of Parliament.The committee should inform signatories of the initiative within six months on how the committee plans to handle the matter (e.g.Signature collection for the same-sex marriage initiative ended after the standard six months period in September 2013 and the initiative was submitted to Parliament on 13 December 2013.

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