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Now, I'm not a relationship type of person but that doesn't mean I'm not a dater.

They finish dead last and most of the time we don't even know they're in the running.

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So far, it really has been a pretty good experience. He chuckled and said, “I didn’t know we were keeping count.” I gave him the side-eye. I worked late the next day, and the next thing I know, he sends me a text saying that he’s 5 minutes away from my job. I did appreciate that, it brought a smile to my face, and gave me warm fuzzies on the inside. Today, now that I’ve had time to re-assess and think about what has happened in this short time span?

So, I put on my Big Girl 21st Century Dating Pants and opened myself up to getting to know this man. I will say that earlier last week I shared with him that I felt that I was planning most of our…outings. Yesterday, I was ready to write ol’ boy off and be completely done.

We think that they aren't open to other people, that they're tied down, and that they're happily-go-lucky-over-the-moon-spoken-for. Relationships as in a romantic relationship, but also as a friendship.

I think our generation places such a stigma on the word "dating." If someone says "they're dating," we immediately think, without question, that they're exclusively one-another's. That means I'm meeting people, talking to people, allowing myself to be open to possibilities of relationships being formed.

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There was a guy I had such a crush on for months, before ever even talking to him or making eye contact with, without him knowing I existed all because he didn't smile. I saw that as a challenge, and it immediately self-developed my attraction to him. We all want someone who cares about our day, puts up with our moods, lays with us at night and who is pretty to look at.

Why won't we accept them when they're right in front of us?

We're making a game up in our minds that when we don't win, or a guy doesn't play, we categorize them as a failure and we forget about them.

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