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After all, online dating requires you to create a profile and overtly make it clear you are available and looking for a connection.

It makes sense that some people might prefer to lay low and wait for a romantic connection to happen spontaneously without forcing the issue.

Before you ever even ask someone on a date — call it the pre-dating phase - you will be able to assess how effortless a conversation is or whether you should remain friends.

Online dating really can't provide you with this opportunity.

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The advantages of online dating are numerous enough that millions of Americans are increasingly reliant on online dating when looking for that special someone.

If you already know most of your matches, some of the noteworthy benefits of online dating are taken out of the equation.

Even so, consider how well you know the people in your small town.

This may sound counterintuitive, but the nearly endless amounts of profile information can actually lure daters into ignoring vast amounts of this information.

While pictures are very important for assessing chemistry, avoid making determinations on who to message based solely on pictures.

If that is the case, online dating can be a great way to take action without the fear of in-person rejection, which many introverts have benefited from thanks to dating online.

One of the primary benefits of in-person dating compared to online formats is that you can gauge in-person chemistry immediately.

There may still be some hidden gems in your small community, making it worth at least a look to see whether the online dating pool is larger than you would have otherwise thought.

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