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It is intended for registration of domains to be used by businesses.

The name is a phonetic spelling of the first syllable of business.

The OSDBU Spring 2012 DOT Biz Journal is now available online at:

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Yet a good domain name is essential for effective Website promotion. Dot-Biz will be restricted to established businesses and a likely initial fee of around $2,000 from Neu Level will be a further deterrent.

When a customer selects a Website to visit, it is frequently the one with the most credible domain name that wins. Dot-Pro for professionals and Dot-Name for personal names are useful additions, but the decision to give the air transport industry a domain of their own just seems bizarre. Museums, too, will be happy to have their own domain, but in comparison, the huge demand for commercial domain names almost seems to have been ignored!

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In contrast to other newly installed top-level domains, the registry did not implement a sunrise period to grant trademark owners first chance at registration, but instead used a procedure whereby they could file intellectual property claims in advance and then challenge any eventual registrant through a policy named Startup Trademark Opposition Policy (STOP).

A number of domains were successfully obtained by trademark owners from other registrants through this policy; some of the more controversial cases included that of domain pointing to different IP addresses depending on the specific DNS configuration of a client computer.

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For this reason, the domain's registry, Neu Star, requires that a DNS server be officially registered with them on their list of approved DNS servers before a domain registrar may register it in the WHOIS database.

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