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Cascade employed more than 3,000 staff as of June 2003.Cascade provides PCCW's telecommunications network operations with support and maintenance services.PCCW is headquartered in Hong Kong and operates in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, mainland China, and other parts of Asia.

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PCCW-HKT was the first quadruple play provider in Hong Kong, and offers media content and services for fixed-line, broadband Internet, TV and mobile.

The group sells to local and international business customers, as technical services and project outsourcing to network operators and public and private sector organization.

PPS (abbreviation for Please Pay Smart, Chinese: 繳費靈) is a bill payment service based in Hong Kong provided by Hong Kong Telecom and EPS, allowing users to pay bills through phone calling or the Internet.

Bills from the government, public utilities, banks, telecom companies and educational institutions are supported.

The Liquorice Festival is a journey through the flavor of liquorice, from liquorice root to gourmet liquorice, mixed with exciting new flavors.

Explore the liquorice universe, featuring selected producers within chocolates, cakes, coffee, spices and beer, making unique products combined with different flavors of liquorice.You can also discover some of the Liquorice producers, who didn’t participate in the Festival. Visit As a producer of the taste of liquorice: The chance to exhibit your products online.You will be presented to new customers, other producers and liquorice entusiasts across the world.The name of Cascade is removed from now on, become a part of HKT and named as "Engineering", a business unit of PCCW-HKT, simply like Commercial group of PCCW.All staff in Cascade had transferred to PCCW-HKT without changing.The exhibitors at the Liquorice Festival are producers of liqourice and importers of high quality food with a focus on the taste of liqourice.

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