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Also Mariya leaving of school seems to be related to the two agencies.Based on a female a mgazine reporter, Mariya agency, Vision Factory, and Yamada's agency JE are in bad relations since the past.After all I like JUMP coz Yama-chan is in it and I ended up liking Chii and Yuuto (he’s climbing up in my ranking nowadays! Like how I am aware of Yabu and Hikaru’s song but don’t really give much attention to it.

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As the boy group industry is dominated by JE, when Vision Factory faced a lot of pressure when they debut W-inds.

Even though Mariya's agency decided act that there is no such news about the relationship, JE requested that the school sack Mariya.

(EDIT below) Although I still don’t believe that is true. 😆 Anyway, I don’t really get upset with this Mariya thing but it’s exciting reading other peoples thoughts about it. But since Yama-chan’s image is more on the sexy mature type (and he could really pull it off great! So unless Yama-chan’s name is etched on Mariya’s bracelet beads and vice versa, I don’t believe it.

And I’m quite surprised that some people have the same belief as we share the same reasons. I remember when I nearly had a heart attack and cried the whole day when the Yama-chan GF rumor started like during JUMP debut? And one thing that really makes a difference in my opinion whether to believe or not is, isn’t Mariya taller than Yama-chan?

Akhirnya timbul juga minat gue buat dengerin lagu2 HSJ, eh ternyata gue jadi SUKAA banget ama HSJ! beberapa orang bilang suaranya juga mirip Yamapi ~ Kalo jadi perdana menteri hal pertama yang dilakuinnya nurunin harga baju ~ Ga suka natto, tomat, dan makanan yang seba lengket ~ Film favorit Resident Evil.

When you hear a rumor about your idol dating somebody else or another girl is flirting with him our hearts our crushed like a broken vase fell from a ten story building. We always dream about them, but it's sad to know that it's just a dream and it will never happen in real life d. On April 12 of that year Yamada was in the drama, Sensei wa erai! In October 2008, Yamada was in the drama series Scrap Teacher: Kyoushi Saisei as Takasugi Toichi, along with Hey! JUMP members that appeared with him in Sensei wa erai! In June 2009, Yamada became the leader of a temporary group NYC Boys with Yuri Chinen and Yuma Nakayama w/B. Shadow as supporter for the Japanese Volleyball Team for the FIVB World Grand Prix 2009.Waktu itu gue udah tau juga Yamada Ryosuke ini anak HSJ, tapi ga ada maksud buat denger2 lagunya. Jiahaha, sori malah curcol XD tambahan dari gue sendiri ~ Menggambarkan dirinya sebagai cowo egois dan keras kepala ~ Suka ngelawan ibunya kalo disuruh tidur (dasar anak bandeel) ~ Kalo makan es krim cepet banget!Tapi setelah itu gue nonton Hidarime Tantei Eye SP sama yang seriesnyaa, mulai deh kepincut. Terus gue nge-google-ing, dan akhirnya tau deh itu lagu Memories nya Hey Say JUMP! ~ Tidur pake t-shirt dan celana pendek ~ Jago ngikutin ekspresinya Yamapi.Although I’ve seen that papapic (guess I have to look for it and scour every inch of Mariya’s blog for a bigger picture). But other than that I need HQ pics before I make my opinion at least on Mariya’s. 😆 One more thing, I used to have those kinds of bracelets! Besides between the change in old n new school years, the reasons of not enough attendence can be used to let the student leave the school."After the report of the relationship, it had been suspected that Mariya's official blog is being attacked by Yamada's fans online.

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