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According to the ARIS study, there are now 150 Mormon women for every 100 Mormon men in the state of Utah—a 50 percent oversupply of women.

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“My own sister is thirty-seven, educated, accomplished, attractive, and single.

I told her to freeze her eggs.” Secular-style dating is rare in the Orthodox community in which Elefant lives.

Not only was the 32-year-old beauty named our Sexiest Woman of 2017, but she's freakin' Wonder...

Not long ago, we gave you some sexting secrets from our good friend Cj Franco, a model who knows a thing or two about the practice.

Said Hunt, “My heartstrings are pulled daily.” wo thousand miles away in New York City, Lisa Elefant knows exactly what Hunt is feeling.

“I don’t sleep at night anymore,” said Elefant, a shadchan—or Jewish matchmaker—affiliated with the Ohr Naava: Women’s Torah Center in the Sheepshead Bay section of Brooklyn.

For some people that means cutting back on carbs and hitting the gym. Learning how to navigate a conversation is a lot like learning how to ride a bike. You'd think given the number of escalators in existence that escalator accidents would be few and far between. In fact, considering the high cost of real estate nowadays, especially in major Metropolitan areas, living alone should...

No offense to Ryan Reynolds, but when it comes to Gal Gadot we're always prepared to take her side.

I received an email from a hedge fund manager who wanted to talk to me about a job.

I called back to thank him but explained I was busy writing a book.

Overall, there are thousands of unmarried girls in their late twenties.

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