Yuko oshima eiji wentz dating

One of these members include high profile Yuko Oshima who was rumored to have gone on a date with Eiji Wentz. Both girls seemed like they didn't want to support Akimoto's celebration. It was customary for AKB48's teams to host a special celebration performance for members with a birthday.

But a few of the core members from Team K failed to show up including Tomomi Itano, Ayaka Umeda, Yuko Oshima, Minami Minegishi, and Yui Yokoyama.

Then management will contact a kenkyusei to perform in your place.

Because, you know, not a lot of celebrities started in the entertainment business at a very young age and enjoy soccer.

A new AKB48 romance rumor has surfaced, involving top member Yuko Oshima (21) and Wa T's Eiji Wentz (24).

When the news got out, many people were quick to defend Oshima and Yokoyama.

We should sympathize for each member as they have a busy schedule and it is not easy to go on holiday or have some personal time off.

On the other hand, Yui Yokoyama went to a stone spa with Shizuka Oya of Team A.

On that night at around 6pm, both of the girls uploaded pictures of them at the stone spa on their Google , but it was quickly taken down.

Sources say that Oshima and Wentz met when they both appeared in the TV Asahi drama series “Angel Bank ~ Tenshoku Dairinin,” which aired this past winter.

After that, Wentz has reportedly visited AKB48′s Akihabara theater to watch Oshima perform, and he even attended the group’s concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium earlier this month.

The two are said to have a lot in common, such as starting in show business at a very young age and enjoying soccer.

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