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Tsvangirai: Yes it is a very critical national election.Given the state of economic and social erosion we have experienced, it’s only fair that people have a new direction, a direction which only the MDC can give. We have a national crisis around President Mugabe’s age.In fact, it is Zanu-PF that seems active and visible on the ground. Tsvangirai: One of the realities of our situation is the repressive infrastructure that Mugabe has built over the past four decades.

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I could not, therefore, keep quiet over such a serious development.

I needed to prepare the nation as to my state of health.

Munemari but ndeyenyu dnt use it to steal other peoples happiness especially members of the party that you lead.

Kana ndichikunyeperaii leader this is the platform to say it, I have fotoz dzenyu munemukadzi wangu kujamerson hotel.

Zimbabweans are reluctant to create something that results in instability as people know that they will be victims and will create a worse situation from the current ruins into which we are enmeshed.

They would rather wait for elections and achieve democratic change.

The two of us have been in a duel for many years, but suffice it to say that age has a limit.

He will be 94 when we fight the upcoming elections. Peta: The situation in Zimbabwe cannot, surely, get any more worse than it is, and it represents fertile ground for any opposition to flourish and thrive, yet the opposition in Zimbabwe is timid and almost dormant, with no protest actions whatsoever.

What prompted you to be different and publicly declare your cancer affliction, knowing very well that your opponents would use that against you to score political points, as they have been doing?

Tsvangirai: The people I lead need to know the truth about my state of health.

[, 5/25/2015] Eveline Masaiti: Uuuum zvakaoma izvi [, 5/25/2015]……………………..‬‬: Vakomana huyai paita nyaya [, 5/25/2015] Eveline Masaiti: I plead with u Tevera to pliz wait to do any further actions u planned to do and giv us an opportunity to try and help this sad situation.

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